An American Gamer In London

(And Edinburgh)


Welcome to my travel journal. Over the summer I went to on a study abroad trip to the United Kingdom. I play a lot of tabletop and video games, so I was particularly interested in how sport and game culture in the United Kingdom compares to the United States. This is all based on my own observations, and is not meant to be a catch-all analysis of the country’s culture.

I picked this project for a number of reasons. I mentioned above that I play a lot of games, which accounts for the subject matter, but not for the medium I’ve chosen. I used to draw comics all the time as a child and teenager, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to pick the hobby back up. Furthermore, I wanted to learn how to use digital interfaces to draw on my computer (such technical language being used here). Although I picked up several suites of software for digital image creation and editing, it turns out there is a bit of a learning curve to use them. It’s like learning to draw all over again, and while I enjoyed the experience, all of my efforts produced results I was unhappy with. Because of this my final product for this project is a series of hand-drawn comics that I scanned and uploaded to this blog. I plan on continuing to experiment with the digital tools I picked up, as the exercise was still great fun, and I’ve really realized how much I missed doodling. It is still the ultimate form of journaling.

Speaking of journals! A large degree of my journaling has been transcribed onto this blog underneath each comic. I’ve been a bit selective, and have tried to contextualize each comic as best I could with entries pulled directly from my journals and few new reflections.

So feel free to peruse my comic-journal of visiting the United Kingdom! You can read the first few comics I made below, or you can view all of them in chronological order by clicking the “Comics” tab on the top menu. Where possible I have tried to cite where I gleamed (read: stole) artistic inspiration for various panels and overall styles, which will hopefully allow this journal to act as a gateway not only to sport and game culture, but to webcomic culture as well.

Happy reading!